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3 Peaks Challenge FAQ

National 3 Peak Challenge Information

1. How much experience do we need?

This is a mountain challenge event with the risks inherent, especially with the UK’s unpredictable climate and conditions so we would strongly recommend that one of your party has a qualification such as the Mountain Leader (ML) or in the very least a great many days in mountainous regions. As a professional provider of outdoor of events and related services we will ensure your safety and well being throughout the event, with our professional guides & instructors you do not need any experience of mountainous regions or hill walking!

 2. What Equipment do we require?

You must consider the possibility that even in July when the weather is sunny that you are walking in three separate regions with their own weather patterns. For this reason you must pack for bad weather on each mountain stage as follows:

  • Walking boots – preferably a breathable waterproof fabric, which are easier to “break in” making Blisters are less likely!
  • Three pairs hiking socks, spend as much as you can to reduce the chance of blisters an extra pair will be good in case of wet weather.
  • Three sets underwear, Three t-shirts, Three long sleeve tops
  • A thermal layer i.e. a fleece jacket
  • Two pairs of walking trousers
  • Thermal Gloves & hat
  • Compeed patches/ sun tan lotion/ sunglasses
  • Waterproof Jacket & Trousers, ideally a breathable fabric such as GoreTex © or Event Fabric ©
  • A 30 Litre Rucksack
  • Head torch
  • Walking Poles

As you can see there is a substantial amount of equipment required which can make the investment substantial but you will much appreciate spending the extra £££s if the weather is extreme. A well supplied group will stand a much better chance of successfully completing the 3 Peaks, and failure to provide the correct equipment could result in not just failing the event! As part of our all inclusive packages we provide you as our client with everything you need to tackle the event with the worst weather in mind everything from our Event Fabric waterproofs to our 30 litre Rucksacks will mean you do not have to spend the hundreds of pounds on acquiring new equipment and still get all the comfort and convenience of the best kit available.

3. How Fit do we have to be to complete the National 3 Peak Challenge

With thousands of participants attempting the 3 Peaks Challenge each year there are bound to be successes and failures and perhaps the best way to check how your body will cope is to spend time in the hills. Training regularly at the gym will go some way to aid your chances of success, however spending 14 hours out of 24 on your feet is an unusual demand on your body. This challenge is as much about mental stamina, preparedness and organisation and pacing yourself. Sticking to the necessary pace will give you a much better chance than trying to gain time on the first leg and risk exhaustion early on. The fitness program we provide as part of the package will provide a basic and easily acessible routine to prepare your body for the rigours of this event. We will endeavour to support you as our client throughout the event but the impeteus lies with you to ensure that you are physically ready for the challenge! The fitness program can be further augmented with group and individual consultations with our professional fitness associate.

4. What route should we take?

Most participants will consider the more popular North to South route ignoring the alternative. Perhaps if you are based south of the midlands you may wish to consider the South to North option for the following reason: i. A Shorter drive before the start of the event ii. More available daylight for your challenge (see below) iii. The option of flying home to your nearest airport after a long time weekend of minibus transport. The risk of walking in the dark or even twilight hours is an essential consideration in any challenge event risk assessment. Should you choose the south to north option and you are on schedule you should walk the entire 3 stage route in daylight (with Ben Nevis at Dawn). If however you go north to south and whether starting at tea time or early morning you will tackle some of Scafell in the dark. Our professional experienced guides will be able to chose the best route on each mountain when considering the specific needs of your group, allowing for climate, weather & wind direction, fitness and driving time our staff know how to give you the best chance possible of sucess.

5. Who should do the driving?

Each group should have a dedicated driver even the fittest and most vibrant of participants should not attempt to walk the mountain sections and drive, they will need what little sleep they can get and it is NOT safe for them to drive when tired! In all cases we provide dedicated drivers who also provide invaluable support with catering and logistics to make the best use of your limited time and available resources.

6. How environmentally friendly is this event?

The driving of fossil fuel transport to and through a variety of national park locations is not the most environmentally friendly of propositions and there is undoubtedly an impact from footfall on mountain paths. However you can do you bit to minimise your impacts:

  • Recycle your waste from packaging
  • Carry ALL waste down from the mountain and take it home
  • Stick to recognised footpaths, avoiding scree slopes and other loose surfaces
  • Walk in small controlled groups
  • Make donations to National Trust and National Park Organisations to offset any impacts you may have

If these measures do not satisfy your conscience then try a different style of challenge event that does not require nationwide transport. As part of the company's environmental policy we recycle all suitable waste from each event. All vehicles are well maintained and driven in a responsible manner ensuring fuel efficiency. Our guides will ensure that the negative impact on local flaura and fauna is minimised by ensuring best route selection. If these measures still do not placate your conscience then try one of our Lake District events to minimise the use of fossil fuels and other related wastes.

Early Morning Ascent of Ben Nevis
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