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3 Challenges Activities In The Lake District

Outdoor Activities & Challenge Events In The Lake District

At 3 Challenges we understand the growing demand for individuals, groups and organisations to undertake new challenges and what better way to do this than in the great outdoors.  We have firsthand experience of the many benefits that a challenge event can provide but ultimately it gives people an opportunity to try something different, push their boundaries and move beyond their comfort zone, and in the process discover the numerous benefits that can impact an individual and team - they are endless.  We have ran events for a large number of companies with astounding success, and take comfort in the number of customers who come again for a new and exciting adventure challenge.

What is important is that you as a group embark on a challenge that meets all of your requirements and is within the teams overall capability.  Many outdoor activity challenges can be extremely arduous and beyond some people even after excellent fitness preparation, so it is advisable to be realistic about what you undertake.  Having a memorable and very enjoyable experience is the key to a good event rather it just being pure endurance as can be the case with, for example, the National 3 Peaks for some people.

3 Challenges offer a variety of challenge events and at different levels so we have something for everyone.  We are specialists at combining different activities so that people can experience a range of different skills and challenges, unlike perhaps some of the walking only events which are great but lack the adventurous element that some may seek.  Our most popular event by far is the 3 Lakes Challenge, which we designed and started running in 2006 where the aim is to paddle 35km in one day combining the 3 largest lakes in England, which all happen to be in the Lake District.  Another favourite is our Lake District Ultra Challenge event which combines a large variety of outdoor activities; a brilliant and tough challenge that offers something for everyone.

All of our events can be on an all-inclusive basis providing accommodation, food, transportation, instructors and guides, logistical staff and all equipment and clothing.  Please look at the many UK challenge events we have on offer and should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  If you have a challenge idea and would like assistance to put it all together then let us know as we are experts in designing, organising and running a team outdoor challenge event.   We would be more than happy to visit you and provide a detailed presentation on any of our events.  Call us today for more information on your next challenge event on 017684 86465.

Activities In The Lake District
Activities Lake District
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