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Top 5 ideas for Lake District Charity Challenge Events

20 Nov 2018 - Nick

Charity challenges can be a great way to raise money for your charity, whether you’re an extreme thrill seeker or a hiking hobbyist, outdoor and indoor activities can be a unique way to promote your cause. People are more likely to donate to a fundraiser when there is a physical challenge involved; this encourages both a healthy lifestyle and gives a reason behind sponsoring someone – it is found that having a challenge to overcome, or physical goal is a good way to motivate donations.

Another company bake sale may not get your co-workers participating; Lake District charity challenge events are a brilliant way to encourage employees, clients and supporters to get involved in your business. By appealing to the adventurous side of people you can have a successful charity event whilst also bonding with your friends or employees. If you are looking for a challenge event for your charity, and need some help and inspiration, we have compiled the top 5 charity challenge ideas, all set in the stunning Lake District. From budget charity challenges to endurance challenges, we cater to your requirements at Distant Horizons.

1. Windermere 21

If you’re looking to push yourself and your team both physically and mentally, then the Windermere 21 is for you. Kayak the 21-mile circumference of lake Windermere with a member of our experienced staff, whilst you raise money for a worthy cause.

2. Ullswater Ultra

One of our most successful – this budget multi-activity charity challenge gives you a real taste of endurance at a low price, the 9-11 hour includes hiking, mountain scrambling, paddling, abseiling, cliff jumping and swimming.This is an intense that will guarantee funds to be raised – even if it’s with the intent to see your colleagues struggle, it’s for a good cause.

3. 3 Lakes Challenge

Make it a day to remember with one of our most popular events. The challenge is to kayak the three longest lakes in England in under 12 hours – this charity challenge pushes you to earn your funds; proven to be a hugely rewarding experience.

4. Mountain Scramble

Combining road biking, mountain scrambling and the beautiful scenery of Cumbria makes for the perfect This charity challenge joins two of the best rated Lake District scrambles (including England’s second highest mountain) with a scenic bike ride – a challenging but beautiful way to raise money for charity.

5. 3 peaks in 24 hours

If you’re looking for a to really make an impact, we have a for you. The Lake District 3 peak is one of the top mountain walking challenges in the UK, the challenge is to summit England’s 3 highest mountains in one day. 79km in 24 hours isn’t for the faint-hearted. This is perfect for a that tests endurance; however, there are less extreme versions of this challenge – including road transportation between each leg and an optional target time.

Charity challenge ideas for your organisation

Many others have successfully partnered with Distant Horizons to promote their charity through challenge events; we find that far more people are likely to get involved in an extreme sport event for charity than usual raffle attempts and bake sales, as charity challenge events provide inspiration, support team building and are an overall fun and rewarding experience. Examples of our charity challenge event successes include:

  • Walking with the wounded – The Cumbrian Challenge aims to raise money to re-integrate vulnerable veterans into society. This charity challenge is in its seventh year and accounts for all abilities.
  • New Life – Raising money for the local special care baby units by taking part in our 3 Lake charity challenge.
  • Samworth Brothers – For ideas of charity events the team at Distant Horizons help organisations such as yours organise, Samworth Brothers is a great example. This huge charity challenge is all-inclusive and serves many different charities.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements and Distant Horizons will assist you in creating a unique event for your charity, we cater to your needs and come up with charity challenge events to suit you. You can check out examples of our challenge events online to inspire your charity sports event.

We’re open to partnerships

If you’re looking to support a charity with a fundraising event or you’re looking for a partnership for your own charity, Distant Horizons can help. We can inspire and organise a charity event in the Lake District, with unique outdoor and indoor activities you can guarantee a different, and more rewarding, fundraiser for your charity. Get in touch today if you want to raise money for your cause with adventure activities set in the picturesque Lake District.

Contact us today and help raise funds for your charity with a sense of achievement, call us on 017684 86465 to organise your charity challenge event. Alternatively, you can contact us online or by email at for a prompt response on any charity challenge event ideas. 

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